S*X STORY: Transformation Of A Lesbian (18 ) Part 6

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S*X STORY: Transformation Of A Lesbian (18 ) Part 6

STORY: Transformation Of A Lesbian (18 ) Part 6

Lesbian Girl

A story written by Missy Erotica

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That began a new chapter in Franca’s
life. She was
always with Nike and Nike showed her
all the
pleasures of the woman body. She was
explored in all ways possible and she also explored
Nike in like
manner. Pleasures she did not know
existed were
shown to her and she so so loved the
various experiences. She became a
connoisseur of Kittycat
eating to the extent that Nike boasted
about her
prowess to the other girls in her group.
Franca was in a whole new world and how she
loved that world.
She was the submissive partner since
Nike was a
butch but she didn’t mind, in fact she
loved it just fine as it meant her Kittycat would get
as much
attention as possible. Nike had an
assortment of
dildos in all shapes and sizes and in no
time had acquired several for Franca too. She
could work her
Kittycat in the night when everyone
else in her
hostel was fast asleep. She wasn’t the
only one though as she was often woken up by
the sounds
of moans and groans coming from
various areas of
the hostel though it was difficult to
identify who exactly as the hostel was in darkness.
One day, Nike told Franca it was time
to broaden
her horizons and truly enjoy the
pleasure of girl girl
s*x. Franca was game as she had become
amenable to whatever Nike had to
show her. All
along, all their escapades had been
between the
two of them alone. It was mid-term and Nike
invited all her girls to her parent’s
house. Franca
noticed from the reaction of the other
three girls
that it was not a new phenomenon and that it was
going to be an interesting experience.
But she
wondered how Nike was going to
explain their
presence to her parents and how they were going
to have fun right under their nose. She
shrugged it
off and phoned home to tell her
parents that she
had decided to stay back in school for the mid-
terms. Her parents weren’t surprised or
worried as
it wasn’t the first time she would be
staying back.
The girls left for Nike’s house on Friday afternoon
and arrived about two hours later for a
journey that
should not have taken more than forty
five minutes
because of the usual traffic situation in Lagos. The
house was big, in fact sprawling, it was
a mansion.
Franca was dazzled but the other girls
did not
show any sign of surprise or wonder. They were
d by the security man who
greeted Nike
respectively and effusively showing the
love and
respect she had for the girl. Nike ushered them into
the palatial house and showed them
into her living
‘’feel at home girls, you know where
everything is and how to get to the convenience.
Girls, please
show Franca around as she is new
here’’ Nike
instructed, going into a big room and
closing the door behind her. Franca looked at the
other girls
who were behaving very free without a
care in the
world. “Where are her parents?”
Franca asked when she could no longer hold back the
‘’hahahahahaha.. ‘’ laughed Sandra,
one of the girls.

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