NECO 2017 Animal Husbandry Obj And Essay Answers

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NECO 2017 Animal Husbandry Obj And Essay Answers


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Neco* VerifiedAnimalHusbandry



(1)It serve as food industry
(2) it provide raw material for mankind
(3) it provide shatters

poly gastric
Long digestive system
Prominent microbial digestion
Mono Gastric
Short digestive system

Enzymatic digestion

2b) brands are used to identify specific animals by branding a number on their side or hip.

(2c)Reasons for fostering piglet

(1)Too many piglets – Some herds have the luxury of having too many pigs born alive and these surplus pigs if they are to survive must be given a new dam

(2)Variable birth weight – The mortality within any litter group is dependent in part upon the variation in birth weights. The greater the variations, then the higher the mortality in those piglets of low birth weight.

(3) Savaging – This is common in intensive environments. Occasionally if a gilt or sow does not respond to sedation it is necessary to foster the whole litter.


3ai) Molasses can be mixed into silage as an additive to make up for low levels of carbohydrate






– Environmental Factors:

Environmental factors are mainly physical forces of nature that arises due to extreme climatic and meteorological conditions .These factors include excessive rainfall and flooding, water pollution, oil spillage, excessive heat and drought.

– Financial Factors:

These are due to unstable government financial policies. Fish farmers require repeated loans, in addition to loans for capital investment and start-up operational cost. Short term loans are meant for annual supplies of seed, feed, new equipment and expansion

– Disease Factors:

Fish being a poikilothermic animal tend to react quickly to environmental changes and this increases susceptibility of fish to infectious agent due to compromised immune response

– Physical Factors:

Lack of adequate technology or technical information and expertise as regards hatchery, propagation and husbandry management affect fish production.

– Business Factors÷ lack of market information, and health





-Farm animals serve as source of income to farmers through sales of farm produce.

-They are used in sports and games,an example is house for polo.

-They help in pest control

-They produce young stocks for breeding.

-Some draught animals are used for tillage and transportation.

-Some of them play a significant role in culture maintenance.

-They serve as a supplement in food like egg.



NECO 2017 Animal Husbandry QuestionsNECO 2017 Animal Husbandry Questions
NECO 2017 Animal Husbandry Question and Answers


2017 Animal Husbandry

1a) What is fainting?
Fainting is when you fall suddenly and do like who die but u never die well.

1b) Types of fainting.
i. Fake fainting.
ii. Original fainting

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1c) I. Fake fainting: This is the process whereby fainting they hungry and you kuku say make dem shift for u so you can faint comfortably.

II. Original fainting: This is the process whereby you they hungry for campus or village u nor see food shop or dem beat u cus of girl and u turn ur head upside down and faint.

3b]Methods of rangeland improvement
(i) Rotational grazing:
– Rangeland is divided into units called paddocks.
– Animals are grazed on each paddock on rotational basis.
– Grazing in the rangeland should be planned and strictly adhered to.
– The previously grazed paddock should regenerate before the animals are returned there.
(ii) Reseeding
*.This is planting seeds of grasses and legumes in a depleted rangeland.
*.It is a way to improve the quality of the pasture with improved seeds of legumes and grasses.
*.The rangeland is allowed to rest for good growth of the sown grass and legume species.
(iii) Controlled stocking:
*.Number of animals in the range should be controlled.
*.Rangeland should be stocked to its maximum carrying capacity.
*.Overstocking should be avoided to check depletion of rangeland
*.Overstocking should be discouraged to prevent disease, pest and parasites infestations.
*.Overstocking may lead to soil degradation/erosion.
i)Breeding genomes to improve health, adaptability, and production.

ii) It Improves adaptability of animals to climate change and disease

iii) It leads to Improve in livestock breeds to allow greater feed efficiency and other desirable traits.

iv) It Ensure Only Animals( New Offspring ) With Desirable Character Are Produced.
v) It Leads To Increase In The Cattle Rearer Income…
Solve by Don pizzy of Guruswapaz

i) The use of genetics not usually available on a local basis therefore artificial insemination is used.

ii) The production of replacement heifers with superior genetics call for the use of artificial insemination.
iii) The need for fewer bulls in the breeding season.

iv)Higher growth performance and calf value.
The production of calves for specialty markets such as club calves.


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