NECO 2017 Chemistry Practical Expo (June/July) Answers

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NECO 2017 Chemistry Practical Expo (June/July) Answers



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[6/12, 7:45 AM] Chidiebere Scofield:+2348176094328 Chemistry – Practical – Answers

Use Your School End Point

1a )
Volumeofpipette / baseused = 25. 0cm 3
Indicator used – Phenolphthalein

Rough – First , Second ,Third
FinalBurette Reading ( cm 3) | 16. 00|
| 31. 70| 15 .65 | 31. 25|

InitialBurette Reading ( cm 3 ) – | 0. 00|
| 16. 00| | 0. 00| | 15. 65|

Volumeof acid used ( cm 3) | 16 .00 |
| 15. 70| | 15. 65| | 15. 60|

Average titre value
= 15 .70 +15. 60+15 .65 cm ^ 3/ 3= 15 .65 cm 3

1bi )
Concentration of B in moldm ^ – 3
H 2C 2O 4( aq ) +2 XOH ( aq )→ X 2C 2O 4 ( aq ) +2H 2O ( i ) CAVA = nA CBVB = nB
0. 08× 15 .65 = 1
CB × 25/ 2
CB = 2× 0 .08 × 15. 65/ 25 = 0 .100 moldm ^ – 3

Molar mass of XOH
Concentration of B in gdm^ -3
= 1. 0× 1000 / 250 = 4gdm^ – 3
Therefore ,molar mass of XOH
= 4gdm ^ -3
0. 100moldm ^ – 3
= 40 gmol ^ – 1

1biii )
Relative atomic mass of X
XOH = 40
X +16 +1= 40
X +17 = 40
X = 40- 17
X = 23
2ai )
– Test –
Xn +10cm 3of H 2O and stirred
– Observation –
Xn dissolves to form a colourless solution
– Inference –
Xn is a soluble salt

2aii )
– Test –
First portion of Xn + NaOH ( aq ) in drops ,then
in excess
– Observation –
White precipitate which dissolves in excess to give a colourless solution
– Inference –
Zn2 +,Pb 2+, orAl3 + present

2aii )
– Test –
Second portion of Xn +NH3( aq ) in drops ,
then in excess
– Observation –
White precipitate in soluble in excess
– Inference –
Pb 2+orAl 3+ present

2aiii )
– Test –
Third portion of Xn +dil. HCl
– Observation –
White crystalline / chalky precipitate
– Inference –
Pb 2+confirmed

2bi )
– Test –
Yn + litmus
– Observation –
Red litmus paper turned blue
– Inference –
Yn is alkaline

– Test –
Portion of Yn+ conc . HNO 3
– Observation –
Yellow colouration
– Inferrence –
Protein present
[6/12, 7:45 AM] Chidiebere Scofield: No3

i) SO2 change the colour of acidified K2Cr2O7 solution from Orange to green when it is passed through it by changing to Cr2(SO4)3

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ii) when zinc dust is added to CuSO4 solution, the solution turn from Blue to white


i)Due to the formation of Cr2(SO4)3 solution

ii)Due to the formation of white ZnSO4 since zinc is higher in electrochemical series

DRAW and label a diagram for a set up that can be used to separate suspension of chalk dust in water

(check above images for the drawing)




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