Finally Revealed! Guys, This is How to Stop Premature Ejaculation and Last Three Times Longer in Bed

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For the menfolk, it is quite an embarrassing thing to be unable to totally satisfy your woman in bed. If you are in that category, these are was you can last way longer in bed and blow her mind.
If it feels like the party is all over before it began, here’s how you can stop yourself from finishing too fast.
Premature ejaculation (PE) is the most common male $exual problem which affects roughly 30% of lads at some point in their lives, while 10% frequently suffer from it.
It’s when a man ejaculates before or very shortly after penetration meaning s*x can be over all too quickly.
Typically a guy with PE will blow his load less than two minutes into s*x, while the average guy can last for just over seven minutes.
It’s a major cause of concern for men because they want to prolong pleasure in the sack for both themselves and their partner.
If you do finish before you’d like, you’re certainly not alone.
A recent study revealed that as many as one in three men say their romantic encounters end sooner than they’d expect or want.
While a study published in the Journal of $exual Medicine revealed that women wish romps would last for 23 minutes.
We spoke to Dr Clare Morrison, GP at Pharmica.co.uk, to get the low-down on how you can boost Pen!s performance and prevent premature ejaculation.
In an exclusive interview with Daily Star Online, the medic explained: “Premature ejaculation is a common issue that effects many men.

“There are two different kinds, lifelong premature ejaculation and the kind that is acquired over time.
“Some men will get premature ejaculation problems later in life due to stress, diabetes or high blood pressure.

“Suffering from lifelong or acquired premature ejaculation can really knock a person’s confidence as well as potentially ruin their $ex and love life.

“Having said that, there are a wide range of tactics a sufferer can use to try and stop themselves from ‘arriving too early’ in the bedroom.”
Here are Dr Clare’s top tips to stop yourself from finishing too fast:
1. Edging
When you’re about to blow your load, stop all things $exual straight away and distract yourself for a bit.
You don’t have to stop the fun for very long, just a few seconds can be enough.
Edging, also known as the start-stop technique, involves stimulating the Pen!s and halting just before you ejaculate.
Quit all stimulation for 30-60 seconds and then begin again once you feel like you’re back in control.
You’ll probably have to repeat the process four or five times before you finally let yourself come.
It’s worth remembering that edging isn’t a long-term cure for PE, but it has proven to be pretty effective when used now and again.
2. Wear thicker condoms
Wearing thicker condoms – look out for products labelled “extra safe” or “performer” – can decrease sensitivity in the Pen!s, prolonging your love-making sessions.
There are also numbing creams available to purchase if thicker condoms don’t work as effectively as you’d like. Do always consult or speak to your doctor before purchasing just any brand though.
3. Just breathe
Another tip that may help some men is to take a deep, long breath before you ejaculate as this can delay your orgasm and slow stimulation down.
Taking deep breaths will also make you feel calmer if you’re a bit anxious.
4. Take your mind off it
Another method for long-lasting loving involves letting your mind wander.
Try thinking about something else whenever you find yourself becoming a little too worked up.
Anything boring, distracting or un$exy may help keep you from ejaculating before you or your partner is ready.
If these tips don’t work for you, speak to your GP or research the different kinds of 0ral medication you can take to help prevent climaxing too soon.
Dr Clare added: “Even just talking it out with a professional could help, as often stress or personal issues can exacerbate the embarrassing issue.

“There is no cure unfortunately but some of these available medications are reported to help men last at least three times longer.”

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