If You Cannot Keep These 7 Promises, Then You Are Not Ready For Marriage

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Marriage is gradually becoming a failed institution with the rate at which people are failing at it. There is the need for youths who want to get married someday to have a good orientation about the institution before they go into it. This is in order to reduce the rate at which marriages get broken in the society.  Some people have little or no regard for this timeless tradition as they see no reason why they should be in it in the first place.

Many people venture into marriage without having a clue about what it entails. Some see it as the perfect time to get adorned in ceremonious outfits while being regarded as the most important entity in that gathering. The youths in our society should be groomed and prepared for marriage as they focus on developing themselves. In this part of the world, people will regard you as being irresponsible if you fail in keeping a good home while being married.

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Spinsters and bachelors should be prepared to make some sacrifices before they get committed into any relationship. This has everything to do with the kind of mindset they have before being joined in holy matrimony to someone else. There are promises they need to make to their future spouses; these promises will make them better individuals with positive minds. Find some of these promises below:

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1. I promise to give you all my love

Most of the youths in the society have a weird orientation about love. They are generous when it comes to sharing love between men and women. Making this promise means you have sworn to be committed all through. Be willing to give your all when it comes to love, remain positive and the best will come to you. If you give your partner all your love, it will be impossible to cheat on him or her.

2. When the stars burn I promise not to run

Many people have little or no tolerance when it comes to enduring hardship. Saying you will never encounter challenges will be a lie; life itself is full of battles. Prepare to be someone who does not walk away so easily; instead, be the person who will stay to make the difference there is to make. If you make this promise before meeting your future spouse it will encourage you to be strong and not give up when it gets dark. Many marriages fail because the people involved run out as soon as they see something ugly. The burning star could be infidelity, money issues, nosy in-laws and so on.

3. Promise to always make it worth it

You have a role to . in the success of your marriage, you have to make up your mind to make every minute spent count. Having this mindset means the relationship will be made a priority. It will save you from prolonged fights and arguments as you will learn to see your partner as an important part of you. This vow will help you make good use of your time as you will never invest in relationships that will end up being futile.

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4. I won’t give up on us even if the skies get rough

There are so many factors contributing to the emptiness of marriage in our society. There is absolutely nothing we can do if ladies get pregnant before knowing who they will be spending the rest of their lives with. It is important for you to share a good bond with your partner before starting a relationship. And while in a relationship, make solemn vows in your heart about standing through thick and thin with him or her. Do not give up when the skies get rough, they will be bright again.

5. I promise to give you your space to do some navigating

Being in love with someone may be totally consuming. You may feel so immersed in emotion that you may become insensitive to the need of your partner. You have to promise yourself and your future partner not to become choking or obsessive. Learn to give your partner the space they need to do some navigation and make some interesting discoveries. Be patient enough to learn what they find.

6. I promise not to let our differences come between us

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You are two individuals with different backgrounds and orientations about life. If you want to make your union a huge success, then you have to be determined to work thing through. The differences you have should teach you how to use the gifts and tools you possess. If you do not break and burn at the end of it all, you have made a huge progress. The bond of friendship between you two will get stronger.

7. I promise to be a good parent

The kind of lifestyle you live will affect you to an extent in marriage. Make this promise to your future spouse in order to be the best you can be while married. Develop traits and qualities that will make you a role model to your unborn kids. Your partner may see these qualities in you and respect you the more. Watch this video to see the things you can do to prevent your marriage from crashing:

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