Revealed: Top 6 Adventurous S*x Moves You Need to Try Today

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A night of boring s*x might still be the most entertaining evening you’ve had all week, but that’s no reason to settle into a lame routine in bed especially when there are so many opportunities for greatness.
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In order to take your s*x life to the next level, four $exologists have shared the some bedroom tricks you haven’t tried yet, but should. Like, right now. Check on it all below;
1. The Not So La-Z-Boy
If you’ve always gotten it on horizontally, it’s time to think vertical. S*x coach Dr. Patti Britton, PhD says that standing $ex is a huge rush that will make you feel like the most macho $ex god around and your partner will agree.
It helps if you’ve been doing your squats, but if you need a little extra assistance for this move you thought only worked in movies, Britton says there are a few tricks to pulling it off without breaking a hip.
Lean against a wall, or even better, put one foot up on a comfortable chair for balance. Have her wrap her legs around your waist and watch her get literally swept off her feet by your prowess.
2. X Marks The O Spot
Even if you’re pretty sure you’re a master of 0ral, here’s something you’re probably missing: “There’s a little spot right above the clitoris called the front commissure,” says Dr. Ian Kerner, PhD., a $ex counselor and founder of Good in Bed.
“If a woman is on top and grinding against the pelvis, it will hit that spot. You can also apply pressure with the top of your teeth where it meets your gum, while also applying rhythmic stimulation with your tongue or a $ex toy.”
Thing is, she might not even realize how sensitive she is there so it’s a surprise move that will surely blow her.
3. Showtime!
Long-distance duos might already be all over this one, but couples in the same area code don’t normally think about using video chat to engage in a session of virtual s*x. However, Kerner recommends it even if your’e already living under the same roof.

“There’s an element of voyeurism and exhibitionism that a lot of women fantasize about,” he explains. You can watch her touch herself, or let her watch you.
If you’re not sure how to get started, Kerner says that some women find it hot for you to watch them watch P0rn, or vice versa which might make both of you feel less awkward about engaging in a little self-pleasure for your audience of one.
4. The So-Right Angle
If you only go down when she’s lying down, take things for a new twist. Amy Levine, s*x coach and founder of Ignite Your Pleasure, recommends this move: Next time you’re about to go in for the 0ral treatment, switch it up by asking her to get on all fours.
Then, perform 0ral on her from behind, lying underneath her on your back with your legs facing away from her body. “It’s an unexpected sensation, as sucking on the clitoris and using your tongue from below feels different than when you’re face down," says Levine. "And it’s a way to find new erogenous angles with your mouth.”

5. Rough Stuff, Part 1 
You know your girl has read Fifty Shades of Grey and gotten a little flushed with excitement, so Kerner suggests you take it one step further and introduce some light BDSM into the bedroom. If you’re not sure getting a little rough is really her (or your) thing, baby steps are fine.
According to Kerner, it can be as simple as renting P0rn with similar themes and watching it together, or if you’re into it, you can pick up some basic gear, like restraints, a riding crop, or nipple clamps. Come up with a few safe words, and try switching up the dominant role so you can play both sides of the game.
6. The Bent Spoon
Levine suggests this bedroom move, which begins as a sweet and cozy opener that heats up in an unexpected way. “Start off your s*x session in the spooning position, with you behind her as the big spoon and both of you on your sides,” she says.
“Then, have her rotate to a 90-degree angle, so your bodies are perpendicular and she’s on her back with one leg in between yours and one over your upper thigh.”
This will give you more space for movement, not to mention the freedom to touch her in all the right spots. (Bonus: You’ll be able to watch her face react as you do.)
Source: MensFitness.com

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